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Blue Corona: Your Digital Marketing Dream Job


Inc. Best Workplaces 2021CBJ best places to work 2021 awardBlue Corona is one of the fastest-growing online marketing and analytics companies in the country. We help business owners accurately measure and track their advertising and marketing strategies and generate a greater return on investment from their website(s). Our services are in high demand, and we’re always searching for “A-players” to join our team.

As a member of the Blue Corona team, you’ll be on the cutting edge of a marketing revolution! Not only will you be using advanced analytics tools and getting paid to be on the Internet all day, but you’ll also be helping business owners eliminate wasted advertising dollars and grow their business! Few things are as rewarding as watching a business grow due to the leads and sales you delivered.

Whether you’re looking to change careers, finishing your MBA, or a recent grad looking for the opportunity of a lifetime, you’ve come to the right place! Blue Corona offers constant opportunities to learn and grow—personally and professionally. We’ve also got a great culture and some incredibly awesome people. Our office is fast-paced, idea-rich, and team-oriented. We work very hard, but we have a lot of fun doing it (and have a retention rate of over 80%).

Get to Know Our Team
What Does "Blue Corona" Mean?

We get this question a lot, but not everyone knows the answer.

Meet The Team

Founded in 2008, Blue Corona is a data-driven online marketing company that helps businesses accurately measure and track their advertising efforts to generate more leads and sales from the web.

Blue Corona 2017 Olympics

In the spirit of Rio 2016 and the Office Games, we held our own Olympics. Hilarity ensued.

Valentine's Day at Blue Corona

For Valentine's Day, we gave our coworkers candy. Vomit-flavored candy. Happy Valentine's Day, guys!

We offer the following perks
  • Competitive Salary

    One of our core values is to develop and retain the best people, which includes finding and bringing on the best in the industry.

  • Performance-Based Bonuses

    We have big goals, and we reward those who help us get there. While subjective and discretionary in nature, performance-based bonuses are given to those who establish themselves as top performers.

  • Health Benefits

    We offer insurance coverage and plans for medical, dental, and vision. If you're participating, we'll also go a step further and contribute to your HSA each month. Healthy employees are important!

  • 401(k) Matching

    While we want you to love what you do at Blue Corona, eventually you're going to retire. We offer generous 401(k) matching to all employees after three months.

  • Paid Industry Training Opportunities

    Conferences, webinars, coaching, and more. To be the best, you want to learn from the best. We make a big effort to invest in the learning and development opportunities across the team.

  • Industry Recognition

    We are recognized among the best in the industry, including recognition as a Google AdWords Premier Partner, Bing Partner, Yext Certified, and more!

  • Paid Vacation Time

    Lots of our employees have the travel bug! In the last year, they've traveled to Thailand, St. Lucia, Switzerland, and more!

  • Employee Celebrations & Events

    We love any reason to celebrate and party together. From birthday cards and movie nights, to virtual Turkey Trots and happy hour games, the fan is abundant.

  • Company-Branded Swag

    Our latest order consisted of Patagonia fleece jackets and Yeti tumblers. Don't you want to join our team before the next batch is ordered?

Our Application Process
  • 1 You apply for a position

    Bravo! That's the first step, and you're one step closer to your dream job.

  • 2 We review the candidates

    We make it a point to review every resume we receive.


    From there, we’ll get in contact with those we think have what it takes to succeed at the Big Blue.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply now.
What Working at Blue Corona Is Really Like
  • I think one of the biggest selling points of starting a career at Blue Corona is the opportunity for growth. I started in an entry-level position and have had the opportunity to work on huge projects, learn from senior members of the company, and explore different departments. The team is such a hardworking, talented group of people—and everyone encourages and supports your growth and development.

    - Content Marketing Specialist
    Charlotte, NC
  • The biggest pro about working at Blue Corona is the people. Working here, I am surrounded by some of the most driven, supportive, talented, and knowledgeable people that I have ever met. Free lunch Fridays, casual dress code, and an open office layout are just some added perks to an already ideal workplace. If you get the chance to work at Blue Corona – take it!!

    - Webmaster
    Gaithersburg, MD
  • Blue Corona is an amazing company and if you have the opportunity to accept a job here...DO IT! Everyone is extremely passionate about the company and its growth. As an employee, you are included in all of the growth segments and goals, never wondering what your role is and where the company is going. At Blue Corona, you work hard but you also play hard. This team is like a family and I couldn't have imagined for a better job or position.

    - Account Coordinator
    Gaithersburg, MD
7595 Rickenbacker Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
North Carolina
1401 Central Avenue, Suite 200-F
Charlotte, NC 28205