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Student Organization & Resource Fair

Attending a Student Organization and Resource Fair is a great way to explore various opportunities and get involved on campus. 

When you attend the fair, explore tables that catch your interest, engage with the representatives, and gather information about their organizations. They can provide you with details about membership requirements, activities, meeting schedules, and any other pertinent information you need to make an informed decision about getting involved. 

Remember to ask questions, take notes, and collect contact information for organizations that pique your curiosity. After the fair, you can follow up with those organizations to continue your exploration and determine the best fit for your interests and aspirations. 

Keep an open mind, be proactive, and have fun while interacting with different student organizations.

You can also meet with our Student Involvement Consultants if you have any specific questions! Stop by the Student Life table for more questions.

This event is coordinated by the Office of Student Life for students of Lander University and is not open to the general public.